Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Children - Let them Live!!

I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way............... this popular Whitney Houston song has always been a favourite of mine from I was about six years old.  Now that I am an adult, I still appreciate that song.  But what can I do to lead the children?  How can I contribute to their growth and development?  As a member of a church, I realized that there are a lot of children who make up the congregation.  There are a lot of children in need of guidance and coaching.  The prospect of seeing children on the streets being idle, being exposed to more danger and being unattached caused an itch to my was like an itch that could not be scratched.

What to do?

About a year ago, I decided to form what is known as Children's Fellowship.  This was a gathering of all the children in the church as well as to others in the community.  We would meet every Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm at the church hall.  During these meetings, we had Bible study, games, competitions, quizzes, food, fun and just good fellowship.  In looking back, this was a way of getting the children to be gainfully engaged in productive activities and to develop certain skills, values and attitudes.  In addition, these meetings would also boasts the facilitation of social graces and etiquette;  this was a way of trying to assist children holistically.

How has it helped the children?

They learnt:

  • About Jesus and his teachings...........particularly, they learnt about the Ten Commandments.
  • How to exit a social gathering properly with minimal disturbance
  • About maintaining proper hygiene at all times
  • The values of good education
  • The values and benefits of family
  • About the values of team work and sharing at church, school and in the home
  • About sharing, being loving and honest
  • They learnt critical Bible techniques
What did I learn?  What was reinforced to me?

  • That children have a reservoir of knowledge that needs to be extracted.
  • That children are not only the future............they are the present, so we should mould them properly
  • A sense of responsibility
  • deeper compassion for others
  • Patience to deal with children having varying needs, interest and characteristics............ this is a great way of transcending to adults who too have varying attitudes
  • A clearer approach to conflict resolution.............knowing that not all conflict is bad.  However, I should focus on how to deal with it because some conflict can lead to better ideas.

In reflecting on the Children's Fellowship, it was an activity which saw tremendous growth and development in the children.  They were calmer, more tolerant and loving towards each other.  This was a lesson for me as well as for other children...................a child indeed can lead!  Further to this, while I trod down memory lane, it is a good move to try and assist our children and instill in them the right values.  As a member of society, I should play a part in trying to assist children so that they can operate in the future.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to put the event on hold.  This was due to illness as well as other issues.  However, in the near future, I intend on picking up on where I left off or assist someone else in re introducing the programme.  There are many benefits to be derived from doing such.  Hence, this is one of my goals for the next three months.

Here's to our children................ our present............our future!!